Date 24/04/2013

By Natarajan Rajaguru Coimbatore

Subject Web Site


I am Very Much Proud to Be Birth in Paravaikottai i am very much happy to see this website thanks a lot to launch this site

Date 09/07/2012

By Jeevitha U

Subject congrats..........


i am very happy 2 see on web about paravai. good job man........

Date 04/03/2012

By ♥ Maria 20 sexy ♥

Subject ♥ free chat ♥


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Date 21/12/2011

By Gunamathi.S

Subject About this Web site


I am very happy to see on web site about our paravai becaus this is my native place.Thanks for u r information

Date 09/08/2011

By Ananthanarayanan

Subject initiative


I am a sivachariyar in Pamani naganathaswamy koil which is very near to Mannargudi and i really surprised seeing Paravakkottai in web site and I could feel your intiomecy about your village. Keep it up and update your web site regularly.. For yopur information I will give you my web site.

Date 02/03/2011

By P.S Elangovan

Subject web site


I am very happy to see the site A good job done by some body pl intimae and we share the information we have. I have lot of information and oppertunities.

Date 28/06/2011

By Prabakar

Subject Re: web site


Thanks a lot for your comments

Date 29/11/2010

By G.Mathivanan

Subject About this web site


Welldone. I am happy to see on web about our paravai.Three cheers to this team